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June 8, 2009
By Sapna BRONZE, Richmond Hill, Other
Sapna BRONZE, Richmond Hill, Other
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Do you want to wake up into a world without trees? Do you want to walk outside and see nothing but houses and concrete? Well you know what, that is what will happen unless we change it now. Do you want to save your future, I know that I do!
The parents and adults in our lives did whatever they could to give us the life that we wanted. Our parents tried their best so that we get a proper education, food, and that we are active daily. Our parents are always trying to make our future life better, but they missed out helping one part of our future, the environment. That is where we come in. If we don’t step up to the plate to help the environment now, in the next decade the environmental disaster level will increase intensely and it will be out of our control to fix it. It is our duty to restore Mother Nature’s healthiness.
When you watch the news, read articles or sometimes when you just look outside, you will see that there are major weather problems and disasters such as uncontrollable hurricanes, storms, tsunamis, tornadoes, and floods. This is all Mother Nature telling us that she is mad at the way things are going and that we need to fix it.
Our parents have taken so many extra miles to help make our future amazing, how about we help them and take it into our own hands to change the environment back to its original healthiness. We need to start doing something now and we should let the affect of that happen in the future.
All we have to do is start small. Step by step with every child doing something the world will slowly restore itself. We have to use sustainable resources. We must use resources that can recycle themselves, not only that we have to give the resources a chance to renew themselves before we use them too much that they finish up. We should use water, the sun, the wind. It isn’t as if we can just stop using water, or just stop using electricity as they are now a need in life, but we can use it to the minimum. Once all the kids start doing something the parents will tag along as well. If a child is setting a role model for parents imagine how many parents will get involved in something like this. If we start in one school - student by student, this will spread to the entire school and slowly it will spread to other schools around there. There are so many kids out in the world and if all the kids team up their will power and determination is much stronger than anything out their. Kids will be unbeatable. Our generation are the kids of time that will suffer the environmental reactions when we grow up if we continue to go about our wasteful lives.
If you see the weather outside and this is its conditions now, imagine what will happen in the next decade if we don’t do anything to fix it now. It isn’t our fault that this is happening, it isn’t anyone’s fault, but if we don’t do anything to help it and fix it, it will be our fault that the environment is a disaster. We would have had all the chances to fix the environment, but none of us took the initiative to use them. When we get married, have jobs, and are trying to have a good life and family we don’t want the environment to be one of the reasons that we won’t be able to make it successful.
Most parents from day one tell their kids you must do well in school, you must be a doctor, lawyer, or engineer, but no one says how about an environmentalist. From when we are born, no one questions why do we take a shower? Why do we eat food? Kids and toddlers should be taught to take litter less lunches, recycling, material bags, and reusable water bottles and to use water to a minimum. People shouldn’t feel that it is special or different to do those things. It should seem as normal as it is to brush your teeth. These things should become part of daily routines for everyone. The culture that we follow today isn’t as careful about these things, but that doesn’t mean that it could never become like that. We just have to start.
The only way that a child can be educated about helping keep the environment healthy is if they are surrounded by activities related to this all the time. It should be mandatory for every school to be an eco school, any after school day care centers should provide environment friendly activities, there should be a higher variety of extracurricular environment related courses provided to kids, and there should be different clubs or scouts in which kids can learn the job of an environmentalist. There are many things that can happen outside of school. In school, kids should have a subject on environment. Just like we have math there should also be Environment. We should be graded on it just like any other subject. Teachers should assign fun but helpful assignments in this subject. The environment is fun when you know what you are doing to help save it. This way our general knowledge on this subject will increase as well as we will be participating more towards making our environment stay as beautiful as it could.
When you actually take your thoughts, ideas and commitments and go the next step to change them into actions, that is what really counts. That is where the fun comes from and that is where we gain the inspiration to keep on helping the environment get better. Keep on helping the environment and trust me it is really us that we are helping.

The author's comments:
After reading this peice, really it is up to the reader to take it into their own hands to help the future. The environment has been a concern for a while, but always ignored. Now that it is in the spotlight why don't you help it. Helping the environment is fun, and is a chance to learn about many new things. This is a chance to do something you can use to save the future of many people. Everything you do helps someone. No matter how small the action is, it will make a good impact.

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