The African Plain

May 15, 2009
By Karlee K BRONZE, Imperial, Nebraska
Karlee K BRONZE, Imperial, Nebraska
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The sun sets in the west on the African plain. The water is simmering from the suns glow. A light breeze is blowing from the north making the water ripple and making little waves crash up on the dry shore it lays upon. A mother gazelle is taking a sip of water with her young, being cautious that nothing in the water comes up at her young. Her head perks up as she watches a rhinoceros sluggishly walk up to the river bank to get a drink of water. As the rhinoceros walks up to the river, flamingo birds try to disperse for him. A Crowned Plover stands on the side of the rhino following him to the river. The bird makes a squawking sound as he walks beside him. The rhino protects the bird from all sorts of dangers such hawks or eagles that want to get the little Crowned Plover. The water splashes up as the rhino steps into the water to get a drink as the rhino drinks the water rush down his throat as he drinks more and more from the long day’s journey. The gazelle and the flamingos watch patiently as the rhino drinks. The rhino drinking stands there and lingers while he looks up at the sky watching as birds fly over him and watching them land in the water beside him.

In the distance flapping wings of birds come in to get a drink of water. In the East side of the river lays a lioness and her two baby cubs. She lays on the ground floor while watching the little ones play and wrestle with each other. In the distance you can hear the roar of other lions; the lioness turns her head to make sure that no other lion is coming in the direction. After she sees that it was just in the distance she gets up and starts to walk back toward home. The little cubs follow at her foot steps pouncing on each other.

The mother gazelle starts to back up from the river and walking back to the herd. The herd is right beside a herd of zebras that are running together in a group toward the river. They go together in a group to protect each other from predators. If one goes at a time they have more of a risk of getting attacked. So they go together in a group to watch out for one another while one drink, one watch and they switch off and on. They all huddle around the little ones as they drink the water. They all start to leave a little group at a time. And they run off again in another direction to find somewhere to sleep for the night.

Two giraffes watched the whole scene while they were eating leaves from the tops of the trees. One of the giraffes had a little calf and was bringing down some twigs that had loads of leaves that covered the branches. The long legs of the animal walk over to get a drink of water and watch its little one while it takes a drink of water. The water starts moving and rippling more than before the giraffe starts to repel back and starts making noises for her little one to back up and right when the calf moves as a crocodile jumped up at him and tried to grab him, but the baby giraffe got away. The croc slowly glides back down into the water and waits for another victim to attack. It lies on the bottom floor of the shallow part of the river and just lays enough so its eyes and nose can been seen on the water.

As the sun goes down the wind dies down, the water starts to relax, and the earth floor starts to cool down from the long hot day. Night comes and all is still.

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