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One of Many

May 5, 2018
By SocialOutcastT BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
SocialOutcastT BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
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First it was the letters degrading my existence. Stating how they didn’t want to be friends with a ‘freak’. So, I sat alone while people stared. I was asked by teachers about my friends and I told them they were absent. They didn’t need to know the old ones were sitting at the table behind me. Every once in a while, throwing food and calling me names.

Then it fallowed me back to my locker. I would be grabbing my binders and folders when my locker would be slammed on my hands. Then if they weren’t satisfied them they would push me around. The locker didn’t break my fingers, but I created bad bruises along with the others.  When asked, I said my friends were messing around and accidentally closed my locker on my fingers, or that I fell and that’s how I got bruises on my body.

One day, my mom found the crumpled up letters in my backpack. Then she put it all together and figured out that I was being bullied. She called my grade’s dean and they said they would “deal with it.” I was then put into a room with the people who were bullying me. Then we were told “To talk out our feelings towards one another.”

My bullies didn’t get any suspension or detention. The little therapy circle we were put into did nothing, except make them act more careful around our teachers. Adults can’t be bothered to do anything to help kids including myself, deal with bullying. The only reason why adults care about bullying is because it either happened to them or their children

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I really wish adults will open their eyes and see how much bullying is going on right now. So many kids are being bullied and the numbers are only rising.

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