Equality in Sports Open Letter

November 27, 2017
By fkg123 BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
fkg123 BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
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Dear Middle School Boys,

Today I’m going to inform you about an issue I feel not only affects me, but other young women. Have you ever been in gym class and picked someone last for the kickball team because of a minor issue- they’re a girl? That doesn’t make me or other girls feel very good. Although, it doesn’t have to be that way forever. I want to make that change.

Certain young men need to understand that just because they’re a boy,  doesn’t automatically make them a better athlete than a girl. Imagine not being the star quarterback, or captain of the soccer team.  Imagine you were someone who had the talent to become that star player, but since you were a girl you were automatically downgraded. We all should have equal opportunities to prove ourselves capable. We shouldn’t automatically get picked last because people think we can’t do it.  This needs to change.

Have you ever said, “You run like a girl” or “ You throw like a girl” to someone? I have had that said to me many times before. It may seem like a childish thing to say, but it has an impact on people. If you hear that said to you, not only will everyone else think you can’t do it. You will think that too. Boys, you need to realize that when you say things like that it really doesn’t make us girls feel very confident in ourselves. It makes us afraid to go out and try, which doesn’t help anyone. This needs to change.

From now on, I encourage all boys to think before they speak and to think before they do hurtful actions or say hurtful things. I encourage you to lead by example and pick a capable girl to be on your team for a game. Give them a shot to show you what they can do. Give them a chance. Make a change.

We all should accept each other, and not feel like someone is better than another. I hope within the next few months, you can think about what I said in the letter and reflect on it. If you do these things you will make a huge difference in someone’s confidence. Be a leader, and give someone else a chance.

Make. A. Change.
Sports Have No Gender.


Faith G.
7th Grader

The author's comments:

This open letter is on an issue I feel very strongly about. Please take in my words to try to make a difference

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