Bullying: My Experience

September 26, 2017
By Aylicia BRONZE, FORT WORTH, Texas
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August 31,2008 was the day a vicious predator found its prey, or when the prey found it’s end. Before I danced with the devil my second-grade year was fantastic my teacher liked me, me and my best friend had the same class, everything was going fine until “I.T.” found me alone on the playgoing by myself. It was me versus him and the battle was a enduring, daunting, and borderline moving event in my life.

There I was on the playground sitting down on the playground the fall breeze in the air looking like an easy target. He was stalking me down like a crow looking for a worm to eat. The days following up to the attack was normal I’d go to school then go home, but that day felt different it was a like I know something bad was going to happen. His battle strategy was to used verbal an abuse first which isn’t surprising because seventy-seven percent of bully’s use verbal abuse (it’s the most common type of bullying). But then when he is tired of using his words he goes on to Physical abuse. Somehow his words hurt more than his fist he said, “Why do people like you, you’re black”, “You don’t belong here”, and “You need to go back where you came from”. After he got tried of using his words to hurt me he started to use his physical abusive.

He started to throw everything he saw or could find like basketball, soccer balls, and when he could not find any more balls he started to used rocks and pebbles. Then upgraded to using his hands. He pulled my hands behind my back so hard that it felt my arms were going to pop off.  I comprehended that I was on a large almost empty playground why did not people see that I that someone was hurting me. There were fellow students, my friends, and the teachers on the playground why didn’t anyone do anything. Especially the teachers why didn’t they see they were supposed to take care of kids and keep kids from getting hurt, but I can’t blame them only one in four teachers see nothing wrong in bullying while only four percent of them will intervene of the time. Since no one was going to help me I decided to help myself by fight back.

My plan was to hit him when hits me, throw something when he throws something, and when he pulled my hand behind my back I elbowed him in the stomach, hard. I fought against my bully for about two months until I stared to crumble and fall. I fought and fought my hardest every second, every hour, everyday but it wasn’t enough he still wasn’t backing down. Thus, I couldn’t take it anymore so I tried to get out of recess by talking to my parents and making up excuses by saying that I was allergic to grass and they should write me a note. They said these five words which made my collapse in to tear they were “Are you okay. What’s wrong.” these words made me tell them what was going. Which was somewhat rare because seventeen percent of American students report that they were bullied two to three times a month, and after I told them everything they gave me a hug as I was still crying. We were just sitting there hugging and they were telling me that everything was going to be okay and that they were proud of me hat I fought back. The next morning my parents came up to the school walked into the principal’s office and from that point everything changed.

In the end, I realized this would have been so much easier if I had told my parents sooner but I wouldn’t have learned how to fight back from someone who was been torturing you and how to learn and stronger from it. The kid who was bullying me got in trouble and I didn’t know that he was bullied at home which made him want him to bully me, but that didn’t mean he should have bullied me. From this horrible voyage, I have gone thorough I have learned to fight back and don’t stand down and get help even though you don’t you think need it. This event made me become a more strong, confident, and self-assured person I am today. There is nothing to want more to bullied a time machine and go back and help me in this situation but if I did I would be me that I am today, I wouldn’t be living were I am and not meet my new best friends, and I would be here writing this story.

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