When You Don't Look Behind You

July 30, 2017
By Malayna BRONZE, Orinda, California
Malayna BRONZE, Orinda, California
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In life, there are always going to be those people who you think of as real friends... until one day, all of a sudden, they're not.


Maybe they just stop talking to you, or maybe they ignore you. Or maybe they even spread rumors about you.


When you thought they were your real friends, you probably told them things that you shouldn't have. It can be less serious stuff, like who you "like like," or who you think is annoying. Of course, that can lead to problems. But you could have also told them really serious stuff, such as family problems.


And when that fateful day comes, when you lose that friendship, everything you said comes back to you.


If it's a real enemy, they'll spread things about you that can hurt you, your family, and your reputation. They can simply spread around things that you told them, or they can warp and twist it into some strange thing that is entirely false.


And as hard as you try to argue that it isn't true, as much as you scream and yell and deny, there are those people who believe it and who are willing to spread those lies and false rumors about you to others.


Maybe it will be spread on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook. Maybe it will be spread by word of mouth. There are always ways for these things to get out.


Look behind you. Are you about to be backstabbed? Should you really trust this person? Are they really your friend?


Ways to tell a real friend. Too hard to list. Maybe if they're trustworthy, if they've done things for you, if they've helped you at some point in your life. Maybe you've gone through something hard and they helped you to get through it.


But if they're just that person who's always laughing at you, never taking things seriously, someone who is just there, jeering or not paying attention, then maybe those aren't your real friends.


So look behind you. And be entirely sure that you can trust someone before you go and spill all of your secrets.

The author's comments:

I hope that people understand that they should make sure that they trust their friends and to make sure that their friends are real. I had a friend who backstabbed me like that... And I want to prevent that from happening to anybody else.

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