Cyber Bullying Is a Problem

June 1, 2017
By yeetlit BRONZE, Marlborough, Massachusetts
yeetlit BRONZE, Marlborough, Massachusetts
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With more people having a phone and more people using social media the more people are cyber bullying.

Cyberbullying is when you bullying on the internet and Cyber bullying is mostly done on social media. Phones, social media and the internet are so easy to access.

Cyber bullying should be stopped now and that the police aren't doing enough to stop cyber bullying and find the person who's cyber bullying

The first reason that cyberbullying is that it’s hard to find out who cyberbullied because sometimes lots of social media can create social   media can have a username that most of the time wouldn’t be your actual name so you wouldn’t  know who cyber bullied the person

2. The second reason that cyberbullying is bad because there are barely any laws for cyber bullying is all fifty states don’t have cyber bullying in there anti bullying law and about twenty four states have cyber bullying on there anti bullying law so if some parents child kills himself then the parents can’t really do that much because they aren't laws to do anything and it's even harder if you don't know who cyber bullied the person

3. The last reason cyber bullying is bad because the police don't really care about people who get cyber bullied and don't find the people that cyber bullying.They don't prioritize on cyber bullying and they only care if someone killed themselves and they have programs but the parents need to send them to the programs but the kids wouldn't tell so it will be too late. It also bad that it costs money to make a lawsuit against the school and students whom were involved with the suicide or bullying.

Some people would disagree with me and say that the police are doing a lot to stop this but there is so many people getting bullied and killing themselves and they can't find the person who cyberbullied

My conclusion is that the police should do more to stop cyberbullying and that we need to stop this!

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