April 25, 2014
By Anonymous


Bullying is a real problem in our schools nowadays. From an early age children are exposed to environments where they have to fend for themselves and watch every word they say for fear of being bullied. I remember elementary school very fondly. Congdon Park was a relatively safe school, but at recess I remember there were always a few kids you tried to stay away from. Once you get to middle school bullying turns into more of a verbal and mentally abusive stage. People say mean things behind your back and sometimes even to your face. These mean words can be hurtful and even cause depression for people. Bullies don’t realize the pain they cause. What may seem like a harmless comment may be the thing that throws someone over the edge. In extreme cases people have committed suicide as an effect of bullying. So for all you people out there reading this, heed what I’m saying and think before you speak.

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