Bullying, how can it happen?

December 2, 2013
By Davidsson BRONZE, Helsingborg, Florida
Davidsson BRONZE, Helsingborg, Florida
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Imagine going to school five days a week with kids constantly harassing and taunting you and worst of all humiliating you in front of crowds of people. That is what every bullied person feel like and the number of those people does not lower. Statistics show that a daily over 160.000 children in the world would stay home to prevent facing their bullies. Bullying does not only affect the person exposed of the bullying, but also parents, siblings, teachers getting involved and even the bully! Nobody likes a bully and when you are named a bully you can’t change it.

Bullying, one of the biggest problems at schools all over the world. In all ages pupils fear bullies who mocks, torments, and/or abuses them relentlessly. The bullying goes from saying mean things and teasing to getting beaten and tortured by often more than one person. Bullying can go so far that students prefer staying home to avoid being a target for the bullies. The exposed would then sacrifice their studies just because someone is tormenting them.

The bully’s tactic is to attack the weak and loners. If the exposed has friends and good self-confidence he usually gets help. But if the exposed is scared of telling someone because he might become called a telltale nothing will change. Bullying usually changes with the bully stopping after teachers and parents getting involved or, sadly, by the exposed changing school.
There are some extreme cases, which are still happening, when the pupil who is bullied ends his own life... It is horrifying how evil kids can be. I can’t even think about how someone can do something so terrible, that the exposed would end their own life. Still, even though this, people continue bullying.
The questing is, why?

Bullies are scared, insecure people who by lowering other people’s self-esteem tries to raise theirs. Not only by physically but also mentally. They seek flaws in others that they then mock just so people can’t see theirs. By breaking their victim’s strength they create an illusion that they are strong.

Cyber bullying, when you bully someone over the internet. It’s not face to face like the old fashioned school bullying, but just as effective. It can be mean comments or videos where they rate the girls at school for how good looking they are, one person will be proud and flattered and the other left with a destroyed confidence. September 2010 Tyler Clementi committed suicide by jumping of the George Washington Bridge. Dharun Ravi had bullied him so bad that he saw no other way out. He had brought very many people to this hate train against Clementi, and used Facebook to do it. Clementi left only one message before his death, “Jumping of the GW bridge sorry”. This was written on his Facebook page, just were Ravi had destroyed him. Bullicide is the act of killing yourself because of being bullied and that is exactly what happened to Clementi.
The students exposed for bullying should always try to be the better person. Whatever happens, be strong and keep your pride. A bully wants a reaction from the one they bully, keep your cool, ignore the bully and try to not express your emotions, even if it is tough. You should never seek revenge, contact your family or a trustworthy teacher. They usually scare of the bully. Taking your own life or self-inflicted pain is no answer!

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