Red Lines

October 17, 2013
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I never meant to cut so deep. I only was trying to breathe, to let out my sorrows by slashing my skin and bleeding out the pain. My heart never failed to beat, but it was weak and sad. Traitor tears fell down my face, past my cheeks, and over my chest. I was naked to the world. Some could say I wore my sins as scars. I stared at the red lines that covered nearly every inch of my body. I was a canvas of lies, covered in rich blood.
I was nothing but a canvas that everyone could slash and bleed all over.
Good-bye, sad world. Good-bye, sad songs.

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Anastasia.Z said...
May 1, 2014 at 8:30 am
This is true to the heart and well said. Yes, it made me cry a little, but you are an excellent writter and should continue in your work.
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