To the bullied

October 1, 2013
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We live in a world where bullying is normal. Everyone has witnessed someone being bullied and more than likely has encountered a situation where a bully has targeted them. There are lots of campaigns and precautions to put it to an end but worldwide, bullying is still a major problem. Social networking and technology has made it easier to bully, or say hurtful words behind a computer screen. Some people just say to ignore bullies and the mean things they have to say. Some people brush it off they’re just words. But the saying “sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me”, is not true at all. Even though physically words cannot hurt you they still can hurt emotionally. Someone’s mean words can stick with you throughout your life. Those words stay in the back of your mind. You think about those mean words late at night. Those words stick with you and make you insecure about yourself. You always dwell on them. I know I do. To get most bullies to stop you have to face your fear. They know you are afraid of them so they take power over you. But you can’t be scared. You have to stand up for yourself. No one else can defend you; eventually you have to stand up for yourself. You don’t deserve to be pushed around. No one does. You have to reach deep inside and find courage. You have to tell them you won’t accept unfair treatment. You have everyone on your side, teachers, friends, parents, grandparents, principals, and many others. Eventually that bully has to face his or her demons. Even though it is wrong, bullies just transfer treatment they have gotten from someone onto their victim. Just stand up to your bully, you have many people on your side and justice always prevails.

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