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September 30, 2013
By toniee613 BRONZE, Land O Lakes, Florida
toniee613 BRONZE, Land O Lakes, Florida
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All I want is for people to treat me like a human being not like a dog they found on the side of the rode. Treat me right. Treat me like I’m a princess...but that will never happen. Cause to everyone I’m worthless... I don’t get it. I’ve never done anything to anybody... all I have is been nice and loving to everyone. I just wish there was a day to come where everyone realizes that I’m not what people describe me. Worthless, heartless, uncaring, horrible, not wanted. The only person I really trust and that is stayed by my side is my best friend Mackenzie. She has literally been with me through a lot and I don’t know how I could ever repay her for what she has done. She’s stuck with me through “dark” times when everyone else bailed and didn’t care what happened to me they didn’t want me here they all wanted me to die... I couldn’t even walk out of my house without people saying things to me. It got so bad even adults were spreading rumors and saying rude comments. It wasn’t fair to me .it wasn’t fair to Mackenzie or my family they had to see me come from school every single day bawling cause I got threats saying I should just kill myself I’m not worthy to walk on this earth I’m just a slut and a whore and nobody cares about me and they even said things like your mom thinks you are a mistake... even though it wasn’t true it still hurt. I didn’t want to be living. I didn’t want to be on this planet anymore. I was treated so badly. All I did was come home and sit in a corner and cry. It hurt. Words hurt. The worst part is I couldn’t do anything about it because the people that started it. They... They were my best friends… before this happened we did everything together... But they turned on my faster than you could cry... There was nothing I could do. Mackenzie tried to help but she couldn’t... My mom even went to the school it got really bad it was bulling. Bulling to the point I didn’t want to live anymore. I was at my breaking point I couldn’t do it… Anymore... that’s when my mom said enough was enough... She pulled me out of school for the rest f the year… I did homeschooling… I still got bullied even when I was home people would send me nasty very nasty texts. They were being so mean... Finally summer came... It died down… But once august hit I had people blowing up my phone with texts saying I shouldn’t be living and just nasty things… it started up again... By this point it was on social media... Saying I’m faker than a 3dollar bill. My family is a reality show. That really hurt… Now it’s out there for life. Nobody can ever take back what he or she said about my family or me. Family is very precious and having people try to take a family member out isn’t right… nobody would do anything about this bulling… finally this school year comes around… rough start walking into that school... I had people staring at right, and me left whispering about me. I ended up crying by the time I got home… my mom went to the school once again. They fixed some of it… the rest is history. Now the bulling is better people still talk and make up rumors… they don’t stop... I just wish people would see the real me and not what people say…

The author's comments:
this wasn't right. i couldn't do anything without being judge by everyone.

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