Think about it. All i want is your answer.

August 17, 2013
I’m not going to make this a formal speech, because I really want my point to get across. And right to the point, bullying? C’mon guys, we all talked about it, at schools and Every where. It is serious, and we all know it. Some people have this mind set, that “tells” them bullying is okay, because it is a part of growing up. Personally I think is not, and I believe with no doubt on my opinion I stand firmly on it. Now, do you? I want you to think about it, for a moment, and don’t tell me that bullying is a fright or flight reaction. Think about it, and tell me on the comments what do you think. And I’m just simply going to tell you one thing, the human race is greedy, selfish and ungrateful yet we are still compared to animals, but you don’t see an animal driving another animal to kill themselves. I'm serious guys every day when I turned the local news, there is at least one report on a teen that has been bullied or committed suicide, and I want to quickly mention how our world is starting to make this normal for our eyesight. It is not, and it is essential for our eyes and minds to see that and come to the conclusion before it becomes too common. Now continuing, you can either make a difference and step up or stand aside and think to yourself, hmm I hope that guy/girl Is okay. I hope I made my point. Thank you very much for your time.

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