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Hidden Stories

DO you see that girl there? She looks so confident, but has so many bracelets. Under those bracelets is a hidden story. The story is told through her scars. It is a tale of a princess. She was locked in her tower of bricks forged from ridicule and judging whispers. She is kept there by the dragon of self-destruction and hate. This fairy tale is different because the princess is never rescued.
There, over there is that boy, all by himself. His story is told through a pill bottle. The story is of a squire. This squire was always being pushed around and being used. "Squire fetch my sword of hateful words so I might smite you just once more with it." is what his knight would shout. This tale ends different, because the squire never triumphed over his hateful rulers.
That really skinny girl over there, isn't she pretty and just the right size? well, her story is told by the food she throws away every single day, day after day. Her story is about a court jester always yelled at and ridiculed. This jester never wanted to be a jester, but instead a maiden. But the laughs didn't sound like laughs anymore, the sounded like she was constantly being judged about her appearance. The court jester never became a maiden.
You see that mirror? Look into it, what's there? It's a person, not always perfect, but the imperfections complete them. Just one person can another's story. help that girl or boy find their happy ending instead of watching them like it's a movie. Be the unwritten hero.

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