The Ripple Effect

June 12, 2013
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The Ripple Effect of Life

The Ripple Effect is now a philosophical chain reaction in which on simple decision could destroy or create a way of life for any one living creature. What if every decision, move, word all created a turn of events that shook the very path of one's life. For example, What if that one person who you saw being bullied for being overweight in the hallway, which you thought about standing up for, but ultimately walked past, went home and hurt themselves. You could have helped prevent their now everlasting emotional scar. What if that same person resorted to drugs and alcohol to "ease" the pain and take them to an alternate reality. You could have been the one person who inspired them to stop. What if that exact same person felt like they had to starve themselves to lose weight, eventually resulting in a severe eating disorder. You could have prevented the pain and hunger they felt. That person could become extremely stressed and develop depression. What if they were reckless and made reckless sexual mistakes that they would regret later, because they have lost all their care. What if those people pushed them over the edge, and they committed suicide. Would you be able to bare the guilt of knowing that you could have prevented the situation, and even save a life?

But the same way you could have prevented the negatives, you could have inspired the positives. You could be the one to tell them to create art instead of cutting. You could be the one who helps them get over an eating disorder or drug and alcohol addiction. You could be their anti-depressant, and their support system. You could have been their saving grace, and it would all be worth the world to know that you saved someone from the worst.

The Ripple Effect isn't just a theory, It's a way of Life. A way where your decisions could make or break a force of nature so powerful, that lives could be made or even ended. Just Remember that every action has a reaction, one that could even go on forever.

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