First Day Worries

June 8, 2013
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Today was the first day of school,
why is it so hard to be heard, so hard to get people to listen.
"Just be who you are and it will be fine" says my mother.
How will it be fine if people judge me, what if I say or do something wrong?
These are all the questions going through my head as I wait for the bus. My stomach is full of worries and then it happens.
The girl from last year, the one that picks on everybody and if she sees a flaw your in trouble. I pull myself together, surely she is just passing by to go to her stop, but my stomach is in a twist.
She stops and glares at me, as if I just made her day worse. She is in the uniform but she looks better in it then me. I am surely doomed for the next four years. Help me.

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