The "R" Word

May 16, 2013
The feeling of humiliation. It stings deep inside a person. The feeling of not being good enough. It tears at a person’s inner most confidence. Being mentally retarded is a serious disorder and isn’t something anyone should take lightly. Freedom of speech is a right, but calling someone the “r-word” is a something completely different. This horrid word takes bullying to a whole new level. Saying the “r-word” needs to stop because this word hurts the innocent, special needs kids cannot control their actions, and this word is not something to joke about.

When calling someone the “r-word”, whether they are mentally incapable or not, hurts the innocence of special needs kids. This word is very degrading and vulgar. People cannot say whatever they please without a consequence. Mental retardation is a disorder characterized by cognitive delays. This is a real disorder that affects millions of people around the world. The “r-word” hurts special needs kid’s feelings when they hear is being thrown around like a common term. Do they deserve this cruel humiliation when they have done nothing wrong?

Special needs children and adults cannot control their actions. Mocking someone who cannot even control their own bodies is beyond just bullying or making fun, this is just about as low as you can get. These people did not choose to be different. They did not wake up one morning and think, “I am going to be less than average today!” They do not want to act different or be made fun of the same way that anyone does not. People should not use the unforced actions of special needs kids against them.

Saying the “r-word” is not cool or funny. A person could be permanently harming the wellbeing of an innocent person. When a person makes a joke about special needs people, no one should laugh or find it funny. This is hurtful beyond belief, and can ring in a person’s head for days, weeks, or even years.

Saying the “r-word” is not humorous, it hurts the innocent, and it hurts someone who cannot control their actions. A person just needs to put themselves in the special needs person’s shoes. A regular person has no idea how badly this can hurt. It’s time to stand up for the innocent, and punish the guilty.

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