Bullying in America

May 15, 2013
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Bullying continues to be a serious problem in schools across America. We often turn on TV and are made aware of just how widespread the issue is. Kids shooting kids, kids shooting teachers, people walking into schools and taking the lives of innocent people. People may wonder what led to these actions and most often it all leads back to bullying.
Bullying is an unwanted, aggressive behavior toward another person. This can happen anywhere to anybody, but is most commonly known to occur among school kids. Bullying is a repeated behavior which includes threatening another person, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, or excluding someone from a group or activity on purpose.
Bullying threatens a student’s physical and emotional safety at school and can negatively impact their ability to learn. Bullying also can isolate kids from their families, friends and surroundings, making them feel as if they are worth nothing and life is not worth living.
Kids who are bullied can often turn into adults who bully. Being the target of repeated negative comments and actions can contribute to depression, resentment and hatefulness. Some may even reach a point where they want revenge and act out in ways that destroy other people.
It is important for everyone in the school and community to work together and send a message that bullying is not accepted or tolerated. School administration needs to maintain open communication with students to determine if bullying is occurring in the school, how frequently, to how many students and who is involved.
A school prevention program for bullying would help to address the issue and be a way to make sure that everyone is aware that bullying will not be tolerated and disciplinary actions will be taken. Parents could attend monthly meetings to discuss any issues and offer suggestions. The school newsletter could also provide a way to keep parents informed.
Training teachers and other school staff to deal with bullying consistently will help build trust with the students. Once students have trust in their teachers, whether they are the one bullying or being bullied, this will give them an outlet to feel safe, accepted and seek help.
Everyone deserves to be treated fairly and humanely. Every student deserves to have a great experience at school. Bullying hurts everyone.

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