Bullying Rosie

May 15, 2013
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Bullying Rosie
Is quite an easy job.
All you have to do is probe and prod
And when she turns around you aren't there
Because you are tying her shoelaces to the chair.
So when she tries to walk away
She becomes the days laugh
But unlucky for her shes' face down on the path.

Bullying Rosie
Is quite often seen
All you have to do is call her unclean
And she will be in floods of tears
To the sounds of everyones' cruel jeers
No one goes over to give her a hand
Or offer to help her stand
Instead they laugh and stare
As she suffers under there taunting glare.

Bullying Rosie
Is quite an easy task
All you have to do is ask
About her lunatic mum
And why she has got such a big bum
Where has her dad been all these years?
Why hasn't she any friends or even piers?
Why does she read such boring books?
When she should be worrying about her looks.

Bullying Rosie
Will it ever end?
But oh how she used to pretend
That her parents were rich and famous
She even had her own minibus
Only those were all just stories and lies
The real reason she told porkie pies
Was because no one really did care
Even her family weren't always there.

Bullying Rosie
Finally did end
Because her back could no longer bend
And her heart just snapped
As it stopped she collapsed
In a pool of blood from her own vein
no longer feeling pain.

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