Unsuspected Encounters

May 13, 2013
Bullying can happen anywhere is what most people understand to be correct. However the one thing that is harder to grasp is that bullying can happen to anyone at any age. I personally had never been bullied before and would have never thought that I would ever be bullied in my lifetime. I had a close family and close friends and never did anything to prompt bullying of any kind. However once I was removed from that close environment then that's when I realized that anything could happen. On the Internet there is little to no restrictions and anyone can openly judge you and say whatever they want to you without any penalty. During the winter I had met someone over the Internet on this online game I played frequently. Coincidentally we happened to share a mutual friend and he went to the school next to mine. We became close friends over the Internet but not in real life since we never saw each other. I believed that we were good friends and I knew mostly everything about him. However one can never know a true person's character unless you interact with them in person. I had no idea that the person I had made friends with had an extreme hatred for people of backgrounds not similar to his own. Once he found out that I was of Caribbean descent he began bullying me right over the Internet. I of course was not used to bullying and did not know what to do about it. For a time I did nothing but just accepted it and even tried to continuously be friends with the person because I did not know any better. However when I spoke to my friends about it I realized that I was wasting my time and I had friends who loved me so why waste my time on a bully? When dealing with a bully the first thing you should do is tell your friends or anyone close to you. Seek comfort from someone and make sure the words of the bully won't affect you. Also don't try reasoning with a bully because they are not worth your time. Most bullies will stop if they know their words don't affect you and if they don't then getting higher authority figures involved is the next best option. Remember there are people that love you and listening to the words of a bully will do nothing but harm. Stand up for yourself and spend time with family and friends. Nobody should ever bullied so why should you be?

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