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She laughed. A crude, shrill yelp. She could see the tears welling up in the girls eyes and that increased the velocity of her cackle. The girl ran the other way. She couldn't contain her enjoyment. She laughed and laughter and laughed. So hard that tears tipped over the rims of her own eyes. She wiped it off carelessly. As her hand stroked her face she let out a sudden screech of face. As she recoiled, she saw not just a tear flowing from her face but sticky blood. Horrified; she looked down to her hand. Or rather, where her hand should be. Instead of the long, porcelain fingers she saw a sickening sight. what laid before her was a hairy claw. Long, gnarled nails. Matted, grotesque fur hung in clumps. She let out a blood curdling yell. It escaped her mouth in a howl. She ran to see herself in the mirror. The disgusting fur covered her entire body. Her normally sea green eyes were narrowed and yellow. She shut her eyes just for a moment. She must be dreaming -no- having a nightmare . When her eyes, now blurred with tears revealed no comfort when they refocused. She was a monster. Her mangled body was racked with sobs. Over the noise of her own grievances she heard something, faintly, in the distance. The girl was laughing.

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