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April 26, 2013
By redneck,girl PLATINUM, Fowler, Michigan
redneck,girl PLATINUM, Fowler, Michigan
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ooo Hot boy.....but u have a bf.........you can look just cant touch.

Bullying has effected me in so many different ways. I get hurt the majority of the time but when people tell you to ignore them then they will stop, sometimes they really do. A girl in my school decided to be nice to me again because she got bored of being mean only because I decided to not react to it anymore. Bullying has effected my life dramatically so i do say that i will forever be scarred on the inside. I take longer than i used to, to trust someone, I am much more shy because I am afraid of rejection. But that wont stop me from being me. I have my friends that do accept me for who I am and who do love me. I am no longer letting bullies define who I am. I may have scars on the outside, those will fade away some day...but bullying scars on the inside too and those scars will never fade away. Look out for the way you treat people. Some are not as strong as others. Some will let bullies define who they are, even though that should never be a choice.

The author's comments:
Take control of your life. Be yourself. Screw what other people that and just be you.

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