Torment Kids Like Me

April 25, 2013
By Ashlee32197 PLATINUM, Akron, Ohio
Ashlee32197 PLATINUM, Akron, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"You may trod me in the very dirt, but still like dust i'll rise" - unknown
"no matter how far you go down the wrong path, you can always turn back"
"once you hit rock bottom, theres nowhere to go but up"

Damn right you hear me now
Because I’m screaming from a casket
Over and over, you all ignored the depression
Even when I unmasked it
Well I’m lying here rotting
Six feet underground
And watching you blame yourselves
Is the best revenge I’ve found
I didn’t die just because I wanted
I died for a purpose, you see
I'm lying here to show you what will happen
If you continue to torment kids like me

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