Some Things Never Change

March 31, 2013
By , New York, NY
Some things never change.
In 1999, when Lizzie Ross- the coolest girl around with her lavender flared trousers- bullied pathetic Samantha Bloom to suicide, it was not because of some evil place in her heart. It was because her abusive daddy had done some bad stuff to her the night before that had made her feel dirty.
And Samantha Bloom wasn’t harboring malice either, when she shot three students in Worcester High and then shot herself. It’s hard to believe. It was 2002 and the whole world believed that the murderer was evil. Even crazy. Nobody considered that maybe she had done the terrible things she’d done because she felt like the only mold she’d ever fit in was that of the Victim and she wanted a shot at the Bully. (Pun intended.)
Some things never change.
In 2007, when Samantha Bloom’s little brother had to be dragged away from a gay classmate he was beating, it wasn’t because he was wicked. It was because he knew his sister had been lesbian. And he knew that his misery was all because of her. The taunts from Billy Joel and Kevin Sarkenstein- that his sister was a loony- that it must be in the blood- that it was really just too bad that she hadn’t taken her little bro with her to the grave- it was all Samantha’s fault.
And Billy Joel? The ruthless bully? He was the victim of a victim of a victim and I can’t trace back before that, but it’s not hard to guess, now is it?
Some things never change.
Because we let the cycle go round. And round and round and round.

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Cutey-Beauty said...
Jun. 27, 2013 at 9:39 am
Children are so cruel to each other, and WE allow it to happen, over and over again. A bloody cycle that never ends...WOW, great job on this, I wish you had some more recognition. The only criticism I have is that this piece is quite hopeless. It needs smth at the end, smth that inspires and makes this truly worth reading. You've made your opinion clear-some things never change, children are cruel, but what makes smth truly worth reading is...CHANGE. Call people to change this. Inspire them ... (more »)
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