Just Because

March 22, 2013
By , bronx, NY
Just because I'm ugly, and have pimples on my face you think you can hurt me everyday. When you say those things to me, you make me feel like nothing. It feels like I need to die in my bed tonight because I am lonely and need someone by my side. Just because you don't like me and you think I insult you by being smarter, you feel the need to push me down the stairs and almost kill me. If I were you, I would believe that what's inside is beautiful, and what the outside looks like is not. Many of your friends deceive you, and when I realize, you don't. Why can't you see the real me and let me be your friend? Just because you are popular doesn't mean I am an outcast. I would do anything in the world to make you like me, but I guess I need to change what's outside of me. Either way, I feel sorry for you, because you'll never have true friends who deeply care. I wanted you to know that even though you hate me, every second of my life I tried to make you like me. And now I want to say before I go, that life has taught me things that I had never known before. Bullies like you don't care about outsiders like me, and it hurts when you're alone and no one can help you. You could at least have shone compassion and sympathy when you had me in the hospital, but you ran away from me like I was some kind of monster. Why didn't you try to understand, by ruining my life, you are ruining yourself. I wonder what others think about you, and what they say. I guess you'll never know, because you never even cared.

But I know one day you will realize, that people need someone in their lives. To wake up and cheer them on, to be there when hope is lost. I could have been that kind of person, I knew your parents made you like this, but it's okay and I don't blame you. You have problems, and I have them too. It's not like I cared about you like that, I just wanted to change your knowledge of life. I wanted to show you the wonders of the world, like a bird who can't fly, so you push it into the air and it glides through the clouds and feels the pride. I wanted you to live, like you've never lived before. A whole new life, with open wings and all. I knew you wanted a life like that too, that's why you hid away in the bathroom, so I couldn't see your shirt stained from the tears. I wanted to comfort you, just let someone in. I wanted to be your friend, but I guess life is unfair and you'll live a life someday.

For those who bully kids, and hurt them everyday, those children are suffering pain and misery. Their lives are being controlled by a student who can't even control it's own. And now, every year children suicide themselves because of the horrible lives bullies have caused them. One day there will be consequences, and you will feel sorry. Because killing someone emotionally makes a huge effect on their lives. Why not stop bullying, and live a life worth living?

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