All You'll Ever Be

March 13, 2013
Has anyone ever told you words hurt?
Or those times you’d shove our faces in the dirt?
You insult and abuse me,
I try not to let your invectives be my last defeat.
You’re words are the reason for the cuts and the suicidal thoughts.
My voice and integrity is lost.
You make us victims of a crime.
We cry and wonder if your words are truth or lies.
Your words make us think and believe were worthless.
They cause us to wonder if we ended it all, if anyone would truly miss.
So go ahead and make another joke,
While we hang another rope.
All you’ll ever be is an elusive memory of a harasser.
Thanks to you I’m a disaster.
There are thousands of us out there,
But none of us will speak up; we don’t even begin to dare.
Were afraid no one will believe us or take our side.
That it’ll go away with time.
But it doesn’t, your words are permanent.
It’s all because were different.
So think it through,
Because once it’s said you can’t undo.

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