Bullying..... It Hurts

March 13, 2013
My story isn't as bad as some others may be, but I am scarred forever on the inside. Ok, so imagine if you were me. About a year ago I was being teased by my friends and classmates. I kept all of it inside until one day I started crying in the locker room before P.E. I tried to keep my tears in but I couldn't. By now my best friend had noticed me crying. she asked what was wrong and I spilled out everything. She told me to splash my face with water to help me calm down. When I did two of the bullies came over,pushed my head down into the sink and took a picture. They got in trouble with school authorities and the police. The police didn't find any evidence, they said they were sorry and I forgave them. There was another time in P.E. and we were running two miles outside on the track. I finished before one of my friends and she became furious. She called me things like fat, ugly and retard. She also told me that she never wanted to be my friend in the first place. I was completely heart broken. I mean I thought she was one of my best friends.
I was tired of being bullied and so I switched schools two times before I found the one I am at now. Yes, I there is bullying at every school. Just at the school I am at, there is very little of it and it is not nearly as severe as my old school.
All I want to tell my bullies is that I forgive them for their wrong doings and I thank them for giving me an obstacle that made me stronger.

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