harmful words

March 9, 2013
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Words hurt me more than hitting. More than any type of physical abuse, your words hurt. Why can’t you see why I am who I am. Stop insulting me day in and day out. I have so much to handle and I can’t take it anymore. I know I am lucky to have you, to have anyone. But your words feel like a knife being driven into my heart, with no relenting, and the pain does not cease. I try to overcome and look past it and reach out to you. Hoping that you will see me in my true light. But you push me away, like I mean nothing. You only point out my flaws, everything I do wrong. It just doesn’t seem fair. I’m made to feel bad about myself, hurting, like I am everything wrong, like i have disappointed you, like i’m not good enough. I work and work and work, harder than anything... but still it isn’t enough for you. I have worked myself overboard and you still want more. You're main goal is to make me unhappy. “i don’t want you to watch T.V, that’s fun, go do your math. NOW.” -My mom. You think it’s okay to insult me. “the way you act invites people to insult you” - my dad. I have a good heart. I am a good person, I try to do what’s best. So tell me what am I supposed to do when they insult me. Sit around and put up with it?
Or fight back.

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