Be a Friend, Don't Bully

March 9, 2013
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Have you ever been bullied or seen someone else being bullied? Did you just stand there and watch, not doing anything to try and stop the bullying is going on right before your eyes? Try to put yourself in that position and ask yourself, “What would I feel like if someone was bullying me?” Bullies make their victims’ lives miserable; they torture their daily activities. Kids who got bullied in school will remember who bullied them forever, even when they became an adult. The bullies didn’t realize how torturing and horrible their actions are. They have never thought about what they had made their victims went through. They thought that they shouldn’t care if someone else bullied them, and that no one will be brave enough to pick a fight with them or call them names. But, I think about it like this, “treat others the way you want to be treated”. So, what I wanted to say to the bullies is, “Wait until the day you get teased comes, then go back and realize what you made someone else go through”.

Diversity is usually the best reason for someone to bully others. Bullies think they’re perfect and better than anyone who’s different to them. But, when I think about it, we’re not exactly that different. We’re all humans aiming for the same goal in this world; happiness. We should learn to recognize the value and worth of individual differences. We should also understand that everyone is different in his or her own special way. If someone is different than us, don’t try to make him or her change so they’ll be more like you. Instead, everyone in this world must learn to appreciate the fact that we are all different. God had created each and every one of us different. No one in this world is exactly the same with another. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses. But, no matter how different we are, there will always be at least one thing we have in common. If everyone has a will to learn to appreciate each other for who they are, I know we will be able to make this world a bully free zone.

Every person in this whole world changes, including you. But, sometimes a person’s changes are more drastic than the others. But, we still have to remember to appreciate the fact that every one is different, and not to bully those who are different to us. Character is more important than appearance. Those who are different to us may not have a beautiful appearance, but I know they are beautiful in the inside. Good character builds up our self-confidence along with your self-concept, your view of yourself. If we have good character, we will be able to appreciate ourselves and also the other people in this world. Firstly, have a positive attitude and outlook on life. You must be able to appreciate your life no matter how horrible it is. Secondly, accept your limitations and set realistic goals. We must accept our weaknesses, but not give up on them. Instead, we must set realistic goals in our lives to try hard until the end. We may fail sometimes, but life is like a wheel ; sometimes we find ourselves at the top, and sometimes we find ourselves at the bottom. But, we must remember that it doesn’t matter how many times we fall, what matters is how many times we stood back up when we fall. Lastly, have a positive attitude view of yourself and others. That way, we will be able to appreciate people for who they are.

Instead of making kids afraid to go to school or even around their neighborhood, lets all be friends. That probably sounds difficult but if everyone takes a stand and lends a hand, I believe we can make it happen. Bullies aren’t cool like they think they are. What they did just set themselves bad reputations. They don’t realize how badly they hurt people. Some kids have committed suicide because the kids at his school bullied him. Let’s not let that happens to someone anywhere in this world. Even when people grow up they will still remember the bully that teased them throughout the school years. It will forever torture them. So, when you see someone getting bullied, don’t just stand there with your mouth open, thinking, “Oh no! What should I do?” Try to do something to stop the bullying. Together, let’s make the whole world a bully free zone. This world will be a better place to live. So, the next time you see someone getting bullied, don’t just stand there with your mouth open and watch. Try to do something. Tell the bullies, “Be a friend, don’t bully”.

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