Stop It

March 7, 2013
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I see everyone pushing me down,
With all my weight I try to fight.
I see everyone with hate blazing in my eyes,
Like the fire of Hades.
I see myself burn,
In a fire which isn’t even bright.
I am so lost,
Search! Search for an opening!
My brain commanded.
I gave in as my mind revolted.
It was too much.
I could no longer resist I said.
I can hear the voices in my head,
“She is so fat, so ugly, she can’t do anything”,
I can feel the glares on my back.
They are mocking and snide.
Their remarks come across as knives
Which pierce through my heart,
It exits in dismissal.
Now I shall be a ghost,
Soulless, going through the routines,
Tick tock tick, until my times evaporates.
All I really wanted was friend at my side.

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