over the sky, under the sea

February 17, 2013
oh! how he so loved the night sky
he loved it even with untied shoelaces
as he stood on a bridge made of sticks and stones
watching those silky stars sink into the satin sheets of the shiny sea
oh! how he so loved the night sky
scrawling his wishes onto the sleeves of his paper planes
and the wind would whisk them away and they’d be forever
forever like those faded pictures where mom flung her arms out to the fiery sunrise and laughed
those faded pictures in the flickering frames,
whose glass was shattered by dad’s drunk fists
…oh, dad must’ve forgot. forever.
oh! how he so loved the night sky
tossing his kites up, ribbons fluttering in the wind
soaring, and they were beautiful
beautiful like when snowflakes unfurled and pasted themselves to his window
when the snowflakes were shivering, achingly, new
but the windows were smeared, lonely charcoal moths ripped by ugly chalk words.
….oh, everyone must’ve not seen it. beautiful.
and now the paper planes were crumpled. and now the kites’ strings had tangled in the hanging tree.
and now on the bridge of sticks and stones, he wondered whether anyone would miss him
if he flew up to the night he loved so much to build snowmen with his mom
but there was no answer, no answer from the silent sky
so he jumped
over the sky, under the sea

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