Best friends?

February 18, 2013
By Anonymous

We start off our freshman year, first with band camp and then on to our first day in high school. We all did. Taylor and I were not as close as we are now along with Elizabeth and I. We were drifting apart, but Sloan and I were the closest out us four. Everyone in the group was close to Sloan. Sloan and I had went to the mall together, went to my grandparents and hung out, and stayed at my house a few times. Then half way into our school, starting up semester number two, Elizabeth and Taylor became closer friends. We had classes together, and the four of us sat at Ms. Reading’s class together and sat together at lunch. We had the greatest times in school. We cracked jokes, got caught talking when we were not suppose to, and shared the latest gossip. Then Sloan and Avery broke up. It had seemed like everyone was turning on her. She told us they were calling her names and making awful rumors about her. Then Spirit Week came along and Sloan dressed in all black for “Blast From The Past Day.” Sloan said everyone was making fun of her that they were calling her mean names such as: demonic, scary, ugly, and a whore. We asked who the people were but she could not give us names nor a description of them. A few days after “Blast From The Past Day,” the three of us, Taylor, Elizabeth, and I, get pulled into the guidance counselor’s office. He asks us why we were calling Sloan the names she has told us other students were. We were totally astonished by this. Sloan was our best friend? We always had her back! We listened to her problems and helped her solve them! Sloan got in trouble for telling the lie, and the three of us stopped being friends with her. We no longer sat with her nor talked to her. When we thought this would just go away that’s when the fire begin to grow, we would walk down the hallway and get laughed at, we would have random people come up to us and scream in our faces to leave Sloan alone. Gossip got around about us. Things about us that were completely untrue. We were losing friends by the dozens. We had become the “bad guys.” We were emotionally hurt for days on end and still are. We woke up to it and went to sleep with it. It followed us on the Internet, at home at school, in our thoughts, and in our hearts. Sloan had ruined our social lives and our friendship.

The author's comments:
I wrote this because kids are bullied in different ways. We were verbally bullied by a student who was suppose to be our best friend.

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on Feb. 20 2013 at 1:46 pm
bendrowned BRONZE, Clock Town, Colorado
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i hate when somthing goes wronge with someone, and you get pined with the blame, and people turn against you before the know your side. i have been through many situatoins some what like that.:( im sorry it happend to you guys.


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