Look Deeper

February 10, 2013
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She hides beneath the smile she wears
She hides her cuts beneath the sleeves of her shirts
She pretends to ignore the nasty comments thrown over shoulders, spit into her face
If only someone would look deeper

She walks home in the cold so she doesn't have to ride the bus
She slips by her family as to avoid the questions
Her grades drop, her scholarship gone
And its only the start

She is hit in the halls
She is hit in the classrooms
She is hit in the bathrooms
She is never safe
Its online now, always there
"Slut, Whore, B****"
Things she never did, things she never said

Tries to escape with drugs
Tries to escape with booze
It only makes it worse

"What did I do? Why Does everyone hate me?"
If only someone would look deeper.

Would they see the cuts?
Would they see her pain?
Would they help her?

Escapes through death
Escapes to the Afterlife
If only someone had looked deeper
She would still be here

Her parents cry, "Why didn't we see?"
Her old friends ask why they never did something
The bullies avoid the topic, lest they get blamed
No one asks why they didn't look deeper

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