Stop the Nonsense

February 3, 2013
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Why do people judge every little detail inside a person? You're too fat, you're too skinny, you have a weird face, or figure, you are too tall, you are too short, you are stupid, dumb, a fag, a retard. Knock it off already. Every person is beautiful on the inside. Being friends with a wide variation of people has helped me realize something very, very important. That is, that even the most beautiful person inside and out, finds something about themselves to judge. A person on the street, with the looks of a model, has quite a bit of emotional issues that no one maybe know about. Or, opposite to that, you find an obese man with enough knowledge to overwhelm everybody around him or her. You see a mentally challenged person, and you believe there is no hope for that individual, when really, that kind spirit has more love to offer than everyone else around. People are committing suicide due to bad judgments or terrible bulling. Why can't you stop being stubborn and blinded to the point where you can't take in any new information to what is going on around you. I admit, even I have problems with judgment. I judge the people around without even realizing it. But then again, even I feel insecure about those surrounding me, every day, every second. I feel the need to be perfect. Well, you know what. I am done with the people who don't want to put in the effort to try. I want to help them, and hopefully someday they will realize what is actually important in this world. Take in new information, and don't be afraid of what others are going to think about you. There are people who are worth the time and effort. Talk to somebody when you feel judged, bullied, nervous. Some situations are worse than others. I am always here for anybody who needs to talk. For the people who are hurting people, whether you realize it or not, knock it off and be careful of some of the actions you are making. I am taking the first step to healing, why don't you people join me. Let's all make a difference together, then we would have really accomplished something in the world today.

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