Nothing I could do

February 6, 2013
Stand up against bullies? Are you serious? They are going kick my butt! I have seen this so many times before; I’d rather be bullied than to get hit by bullies that are way stronger than me.

Wait, what did I just say? I am not the only one who has been bullied. I am not alone in this. Many of my peers have been bullied, and I bet they are tired of this too. What if we took a stand? Would they take a stand with me? They would not dare attacking many of us at the same time. We would hit back, wouldn’t we? That’s it! Nobody is ever going to mess with me, us.

Here they come. What am I supposed to do first? They are laughing at my head. My head! What is wrong with my head? What do I tell them? Nobody seems to care; nobody will take a stand with me if I tell them anything. Gosh! That hurt! They are throwing things at me. A pencil just hit me in the head! This doesn’t feel right. I feel awful.
Should I tell my parents? No. What will they think of me? That I can’t defend myself? What if they see any marks in my head? They will be suspicious; I must avoid them whenever I can. I know! I will tell my brother! Wait, no. He will tell my parents for sure. I better just lock up myself in my room.

I can’t stand this anymore. Am I the only one who feels this way? Kids won’t stop laughing at my head. My head! I just started wearing caps; I think they won’t be able to look at it anymore.

I lock up the door, I heard someone coming. I am at my school’s restroom and I can’t stop crying, someone stole my cap. I wonder if teachers know about this. Of course they don’t. They would have already done something about it, right? I am scared of telling them, they will definitely call my parents and I will be in trouble. I clean up my face and start to my classroom. I open the door and I see them with my cap. The teacher gives me a glance and stares at my classmates. He will tell them something, this time I’m sure about it. He smiles and gets back to work. I knew it. Why would he have told them anything? It wasn’t his business.

My family is having dinner, but I am not hungry. I just lock myself in my room. The back of my head still hurts from the things they threw at it.

I feel sick. I have not eaten in days! There are some pills on the shelf that my mom usually takes when she has migraine. I stare at them for a while. I think about taking some, but I don’t have migraine.

Someone calls my door. I open it and see a girl standing outside my room. She looked familiar. We stare for a moment, and I recognize her, from school. She hands me a folded paper, smiles and leaves. I close the door and unfold the paper. It was a letter.

I feel great. I knew there was at least one person who would look out for me. I felt on the edge of breaking down. But that one person, my new friend, saved me.

At this moment I realize that real friends do exist. I know she’ll stand up against bullies with me. I know it. And I hope, I really hope, that people stand against bullies with us.

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