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January 31, 2013
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My years of being bullied didn't start in a grade like other people. My Years of being bullied started when I started to understand what people were saying. At first i didn't think they were talking about me. I thought everyone was supposed to be nice to little kids.. but i was very very wrong. I'm lucky so say all my memories of elementary school are now gone. Even thou i have forgotten them i still have the feeling of pain and hurt and sorrow. I can remember the feeling of wanting to run away and feeling unloved and unwanted.

If you ask me that's a lot for a little girl to take in at the age of 4, But I did it and I'm still standing tall. I have moved around every summer when i first started school. It was always hard for me to make friends, so i always thought that maybe it just wasn't worth making friends that ill never talk to again. It started like any other day being called fat, ugly and being told i should go cut myself and die. i tried to ignore it and focus on school just like my mom told me to do. Even when i stayed to myself... it never worked.

I'll start as far back as i can stand to share. I was just starting middle school years at Harlee middle. I was told it was a good school, and that it would be good for me to go there... But it wasn't. My first month there i was beat with a belt. Yes you heard me right a belt. It wasn't by a teacher, it was done by a student. Walking in to history you were supposed to sit down and start your bell work then be quite and wait for the lunch bell.

I was done with my bell work and i began to read my book. There was a boy named Damien in front of me taking to his friend. He said he would beat someone with his belt if they looked at him wrong. I looked up to see what time we went to lunch, when i looked up someone behind me said "yea and you'll get your ass kicked". At that time He looked behind him and thought that I said it. Damien then told me "I'll hit you with my belt". I didn't even know what i was saying before i said it.

"No, you won't". Then the bell rang and I would hear the whispers of other kids saying i just signed my death wish. Out of all the comments still to this day can hear the voice of a boy say " i hope fat girls can fight". I sat in my seat till everyone was gone. My History came up to me and asked what was wrong i told him, all he said was "ignore it, he just said it to scare you." So i got up from my seat thinking he was right and went to lunch. Nothing happened the rest of the day.

I waited for most of the kids to walk home, a lot of us walked the same way home, so I waited. I was riding my bike i could hear someone riding up on a bike. I thought they would just pass me just like everyone else in the world does, but i was wrong. I heard a girl scream watch out, I stopped my bike and i turned around to see what was going on...

Damien was riding up behind me with his belt in his hand. He was just about to hit me when i pushed myself forward. Then that was when he got off his bike and came at me. Damien dropped his back right in front of me then he swung again. I tried to dodge it again but i was to slow. At this time he hit the inside of my leg. I couldn't take it anymore. i was tired of being bullied all the time.

As i was getting off my bike he hit me two more times. One time on my leg and the other time on my back. When i tried to hit him he moved so i was thinking OK have to get away from this. That was when i thought of his bag laying on the ground. I picked up his bag and throw it in a ditch that was full of water (from it raining the day before).

After that i continued on my way home, i had welts all over my legs and my back. As i was walking home my mom and dad pasted me. I know your never allowed to call your mom and dad by there names but i did. At that point i didn't care i wanted them to take me home, and get me away from that hell hole they called Harlee middle.

When i called them they looked at me, I called to them and said i need you. That was when they said they would be home soon. I didn't know what to do. i started to cry. Yes i said it i was crying. I couldn't help it, The two people that are always supposed to be there for me weren't. I said i needed them and they didn't even stop to ask me if i was OK.

I was still crying when i got home. Both my sisters and my brother were asking me what was wrong. That was when i told my oldest sister to come to my room with me. I showed her the welts on my legs and back. She didn't know what to say or do. I sat on my bed and cried, she held me for a few minutes then left to go talk to Vikki (my other sister). I could hear everything she was saying, she didn't know what to say ether.

When me and my mother went to school to talk to the principal he called in a few different student. At the time i didn't know what his name was. When i pointed out to him who the student was... The principal started to ask me more and more question. At that time he started to twist my words around. Then he said "I don't think he would do that to you, if you didn't do anything like you said you didn't then he would have no reason".

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