Bullying and it Affects on People

January 30, 2013
By kplover SILVER, Fresh Meadows, New York
kplover SILVER, Fresh Meadows, New York
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Bullying is not a very nice thing.Many people get hurt with bullying physically or emotionally.It can be caused by having some type of deformity such as looking a certain unacceptable way or just people not liking you for no apparent reason.People have mostly cyberbullied me and said I was annoying and a stalker to go away etc. I was not bullied to my face another time but i heard her even though she wasn't talking to me.I don't think anybody should be bullied for no reason since they could commit suicide and end up hurting themselves just because of what someone said.Bullies should just keep their hands away and their mouths shut because they are not proving anything except how much of an idiot they are and how they can hurt other people's feelings.

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Since I've been bullied before,it's an important issue in America,I want to get famous for my morals.

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