Foul Play

January 25, 2013
There's two kinds of kids in every school
Those who are gentle and those who are cruel
Your role is a choice for you alone
There's a boy with troubles at home
The words you throw on him are sharp as a knife
Thrown about without knowing the cost on a life
A girl with mismatching socks and bright colored hair
Before you hurt her she didn't care what she'd wear

Now that boy began to be like his father drink by drink
Vomit on his shirt when he missed the sink
That girls plates grew big while her bones grew thin
Bright red cuts like lace on her skin

Choose wisely both word and friend
In your moment of need both may run rather than defend
Don't be another's reason for sorrow
Lend a hand instead and bring a brighter tomorrow.

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KatherineAnnCav said...
Jan. 29, 2013 at 7:48 pm
bullying work
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