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January 24, 2013
By Anonymous

OK so bulling is a huge thing now and always have been. Teachers and Parents and Principles can tell us what we should do but only kids will figure it out in the end. Kids that get bullied turn to other ways to get the pain out. There are some kids that turn to self harm and anorexia, some go mute and then more then enough turn to suicide. More and more kids are getting bullied every day and the ones bulling them don't even know it. Saying something like 'dork' 'loser' and 'crazy' can hurt people very bad. The only way this is going to stop is by teens stopping it. Its getting worse and worse day by day with each generation. Younger and younger kids are starting to bully kids. There is a girl in second grade... yeah second grade you read right who is getting bullied for being fat which she still wears an extra small in kids clothing. Kids push her around because she talks a little different. She cant pronounce a few things and she gets pushed around. Kids push her on the ground and take her books and she's in second grade. Kids fallow what older teens do and once they start the teach even younger kids. there are many stories about it. being some one who almost gave her life up because of it I can say that it needs to stop. It only takes one person to stand up like you see on all the commercials. their not lying. you just have to stand up. bulling over the internet hurts just as bad as in school. When you tell some one to go die or the world would be better off with out them, they really think about it and It hurts them. You don't know their life at home. you don't know their situation in their family or what they go through every day. When one person out casts some one the whole school will soon outcast that person and if one person says stop... they all will. people are tortured now a days for being different. not warring the same cloths and not acting like your all that. they are picked on for their sexuality and what they look like. love is love and beauty is inside and out. people are who they are and bulling them can make them change but it will make them miserable or make them just want to give up. bulling is serious and it needs to stop before you start seeing second graders in coffins.

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