A Protector: My Sister

January 27, 2013
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I'm not a violent person. I'm not a confrontational person. Do bullies scare me? Sure! But unfortunately I am not able to defend myself. I'll never forget the time my sister stood up for me. I was in the first grade and my sister was in the fifth grade. There was an all school recess, so the playground was packed. I went to get the last basketball and I saw the school bully approach me. He was big for a fifth grader. He positively towered over me. He shoved me hard in my chest and told me to give him the ball. He started to say all types of mean things to me when my sister stepped in front of him. She grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and practically shouted at him, "Don't you EVER lay a single finger on my sister EVER again!" I think she startled him. Everyone in the immediate area was staring in amazement. My sister than shoved him hard away from me. She turned around and I drew back. My sister is generally a very calm person. To this day, she has never let anything anyone said at school get to her. I looked in her eyes and saw fierce protectiveness. Her green eyes positively shone as she reached down and pulled me up from the ground. As we walked away, I turned and saw the bully. He looked completely shocked. He never did tell on my sister. I think he was embarrassed. Still, I will never forget the bravery that my sister showed that day. Even in the face of a bully, she stepped in to protect me. Sure, we still fight now and then, but every time I'm mad I remember what she did and love fills my heart.

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