My Story (from grade 4-8)

January 27, 2013
By , Burney, CA
Hi, from when i was 10 to now, when I'm 14, i have been bullied. It doesn't matter who it is, whether its my best friend or just some random girl, or guy, they have to say something about my makeup, clothes, or weight. I don't know why people have to be mean to others. Maybe they're insecure, maybe they're jealous. Anyways here's my story, starting in 4th grade.

Its the first day of school and there's plenty of new kids, but also a few familiar faces. My best friend isn't in my class this year, sadly. One of the new girls-- who we will call AT-- and i got along pretty well and she made friends with 2 other girls --who we will call DF and IJ-- who i was friends with. I stood out quite a bit because they have darker skin and I'm ghosty. But we were pretty good friends. One day, i heard IJ and DF talking about me, very literally, behind my back. When i confronted them, they got pissed. They went and told AT and they all started ignoring me. Since they weren't my friends anymore i started hanging out with my old best friend, AB, and that made them even more mad. They stopped ignoring me and started being mean. It was petty things like when i walked by they'd be obnoxious and make faces. I ignored it for thee rest of 4th grade.

In 5th grade it got worse. It wasn't just faces and stuff, it was making my friends think things about me. Such as, 'omigawd, shes a whore. She gave 4 guys head in one night' or 'Ewww, she threatened to steal (guys name) balls!' People would believe them and it hurt a little but i still ignored them. Sooner or later i only had one friend, IS, and we became best friends. They kept saying things and i began to miss being friends with guys cuz there's so much less drama. One day, about 3 months before school ended, we were all in PE playing a random game (sorry cant remember what it was) and she pushed me and threatens me. I pushed her back and Coach came over and stopped anything from happening. After school i told my grandparents and they called my principal. He did nothing but say i should've gone to my teacher. Well, what i said was, "How the hell am i going to get there when shes pulling my hair?" He had no legit response to this and nothing else happened. Then, she had scissors and was threatening to cut my hair. Again, nothing happened. Soon i was spending my whole day in thee computer lab. On a Thursday i forgot my bag in thee classroom and when i came to get it all my stuff was on thee floor and people were laughing. I just thought ' Schools almost over, you can do this.' Finally, school ended and i moved from thee San Fransisco bay area to Shasta county.

In 6the grade i was thee little unpopular girl and i was cool withe that. In 7the grade it was ok until thee final quarter and thats when i started dating WH. That made one of thee new girls, MK, jealous. So shed do little things that would piss me off. Sed take his hat from hI'm or even me. Shed sit next to hI'm and have KC on thee other side. Or if it wasn't KC it'd be anyone else. Finally AM and SH got tired of it and had a little discussion withe hI'm. He sat next to me and LW, one of my best friends, tried to make us hold hands. Well that sure as hell wasn't gonna happen. Sooner or later we broke up and that was all that happened that year.

This year, in 8the grade, so much happened BEFORE thee first semester was over. This year me and KC became besties, but at first i was super jealous because she was dating HS. I liked hI'm in 6the grade but didn't really do anything. Finally they broke up and we started dating. KC and i became friends because of that. Excuse my language, but he was and is a complete asshole full of dicks. Oh well. Then i started dating SP and gosh i still love hI'm. Anyways, that seemed to piss people off because people started talking about me. I think its because MM had asked me out and i rejected hI'm, but anyways people started talking about me and hI'm. I kinda ignored it and stayed home a lot so i could text hI'm, and that made me very happy. But soon it got to be way too much and i dumped hI'm. It literally broke my heart and i cried for hours. The next day i was dating someone WH again. And i was happy again. Plus me and SP were still best friends (YAYYYYY). Nothing really happened until we broke up. Then my bag went missing and KC and i had been sharing a locker. Later i found out that she had taken it but until the en everyone was against me. On our STAR test ceremony day, i told her to stop saying stuff about me and she told thee principal. We both were called up to thee principals office and i was almost suspended and he threatened me quite a few tI'mes. He also said i should've came to hI'm. Well, i did and he completely lied and came up withe thee excuse by saying its a big school (200 students 7-12the grade) and that i shouldn't expect hI'm to put me in front of everyone else. Withe in thee next week i tried to move in withe my uncle. I couldn't so i stayed home. After thinksgiving break KC went and tried to make HS say that he wouldn't go out withe me. The next day i asked hI'm out and he, of course said yes. We dated for a week(?). I cant even remember how long. When we broke up his friend, GC, started texting me while HS was messaging me on Facebook. They called me a slut, a whore, a sex monkey, a b****, and many other names. It ended withe them saying that they're gonna kick my ass. Then, they changed they're minds (probably cuz i called them pussies and said id call my friend ML to protect me) and said they hoped KC would kick my ass. Things got better until recently, KC and her mom came in and said that i threatened to shoot up thee school and the en shoot myself. And thats where my story currently is.

Now you know my story. Why does this stuff happen to me? I have no idea. Maybe its because I'm (sorry i don't mean to label myself but its what others call me) 'emo'. Maybe its because people like me more then them? Honestly i don't know. But from this i have learned not to trust teachers or principals. They haven't done anything for me except say that i should go onto independent study or threaten to suspend me. I have also learned that if you have great friends you can get through anything. Anyways, thinks for reading.

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