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January 14, 2013
You may be silent and still unseen
But the pain you cause is no less mean
No one else will no about it
Until I say so
But one day I'll hit the breaking point
And then I'll go
Seeing others under your cruel punishment
Is just as painful
But knowing you're taking advantage of me
That's plain disdainful
I'm not here to be selfish
I'm telling you what's wrong
With your violence, your silence,
What you've been doing all along
Laughter is bad enough
The teasing is all I can endure
Rumors behind my back
Do you know that's really immature?
You don't care what you do
Only want to make an impression
Well, here's my response
I think you belong in prison
But I will say you have done a fine job
At keeping this secret and moving along
However,this isn't the last you'll see from me
Because I'm coming back for revenge, you see
It won't be painful
Nor as satisfying
It will only result
In my denying
Though no one else may think you're real
Even unknown, I'll always know your deal

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