The Escape of A Victim

December 10, 2012

The Escape of The Victim

Dear Bully,

Hi, honestly I don’t think you even deserve a hi. How’s life? Actually I don’t care, want to know why ? Because my life is hell. You hurt me so much mentally and physically. I cried myself to sleep every night for a month, and I even started to cut myself to distract myself from the pain you have been causing me because obviously your pain hurts more. Do you even understand how long these scars would last? Are you happy with yourself? I sure am not. I’ve never felt uglier in my life. I’ve tried being strong and I tried pulling myself back up but you always brought me back down. I never understood why you picked me to attack. You used to say I was ugly, dumb, that I was easy and I even started to really think I was. I started to get skinnier and skinnier because you always took all I had and made me so angry and sad so that when I got home that I didn’t even want to eat. I hope that money you took from me bought you some good food because you won't be getting any of my money anymore . I really hope you stop bullying people and I hope this letter teaches you a lesson. I’m done with being your chew toy. Goodbye.


Your deceased victim, Lisa

The author's comments:
I just felt that bullies still don't understand the effect they have on people , even after all the suicides that has happened bullying has still been going on . so i thought maybe a note from a deceased might have some kind of impact.

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