The Outcast and the Crows

December 4, 2012
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I lay silently in the middle of an empty field. I listen as the crows screech their unending cries. I'm lost, rather out casted from my people. I rise up from my lonely place of rock and grass. I walk until my feet are blistered and bleeding, yet I keep walking. Suddenly, as I reach a dirt road, an almost silent sound startles me. Out of thin air, people appear and start taunting and laughing at me. I fall to their feet, crying. The keep ridiculing me. As fast as i can, I turn and run back to my lonely field, eyes blurred by tears. When i returned, my crows started their noise again, but this time it sounds like singing. it was a sweet sound to me. I was now among the hidden, the out casted. And for once, i was willing to stay.

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