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November 26, 2012
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Kevin Curwick, 18, from Osseo, Minnesota, created a Twitter account (@OsseoNiceThings) where he posted nice things about people from his school. Curwick did this because of all the nasty Twitter pages saying negative things about his classmates.

“I created the page to help the kids who were being attacked and other kids who I thought could use a boost in confidence, or just something to make their day,” says Curwick.

People send Curwick direct messages on Twitter with a compliment for someone and the he posts them anonymously.

“It’s cool, because obviously I don’t know everyone, but I get to lean about the underclassmen and their talents,” says Curwick.

Curwick says using social media to compliment people has made an impact in stopping the negative tweets.

“It takes the attention away from bullies. When I send out nice tweets, people re-tweet and ‘favorite’ them four times as much as the negative ones,” says Curwick.

The response to Curwick’s tweets was a lot more than he had expected. Curwick says it exploded. Other schools have even created their own nice pages after seeing the one Curwick made.

Curwick says anyone who is a victim of cyberbullying, should not respond. Instead he says they should focus on their positive qualities. And, find people who will support you and love you.

Instead of looking through someone’s pictures and tearing them down, compliment them, Curwick says, social media can be used for random acts of kindness.

After Curwick graduates, he wants to hand the Twitter page down to another student to carry it on anonymously.

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