What will it hurt?

November 23, 2012
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"OH, gosh, she's wearing it again! Isn't that the third time she's worn it this week? How can she blame me for picking on her if she's wearing THAT?"
"Oh, she's picking on him again. How long is this going to go on? I'll just have to keep ignoring him until it ends. I mean, I don't want to get bullied, too."
If you've ever thought these things OR done what's implied in these scenarios, congrats, you're a bully. It doesn't matter if you physically hurt them, verbally taunt them, or emotionally hurt them by taunting them; it's still bullying.
"But it's just a tiny thing that I'm doing. It won't really hurt them." Some might be thinking this as they read this article. But a bullet is also small size-wise; something as small as a bullet can end someone's life and future. What's tiny to you is not tiny to them. Some don't think of a bullet as small, some do.
For those that are bullied, you've heard it everywhere in school or at home:
"If you're bullied, tell an adult or trusted friend."
And if you are thinking that, then you might also be thinking that telling someone isn't always possible. That's what I believed. But let me tell you, it is.
Someone's always there to help you, whether you believe it or not. They might have already noticed but let me tell you a fun fact.
They cannot act unless you tell them. If you lie and say nothing's wrong, NOTHING WILL BE ACCOMPLISHED.
You may feel like a snitch, but you're not. If you commit suicide due to it, it's the bullies fault. The bully will get in big trouble and possibly get arrested and you'll be dead. Two lives lost in the same amount of time it would take to save both of them.

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