November 13, 2012
By Anonymous

Do you know that it hurts when you get bullied? Yes, there are imaginary tears inside people; it hurts and you feel like everybody looks down on you. Bullying is causing people to choose suicide and cutting themselves. This gets them to spend every day in their life being unhappy and feeling unwelcome to the world. So you should treat people how you would want to be treated.

Have you heard about Amanda Todd, the young girl who committed suicide? She was only fifteen when she died; she deserved to live a lot longer. Amanda had caught the attention of another girl’s boyfriend because of her chest. Amanda showed her chest to this boy over video chat, and he snapped a picture and put it on Facebook. The boy’s girlfriend got mad and assaulted her. Instead of helping her, people filmed the fight and put it on YouTube. Amanda started cutting herself and other forms of self-harm .She felt like she didn’t deserve to be here, so she went home and drank bleach before lying down in a ditch, waiting to die. She had done everything she could do to stop the bullying; she had moved schools more than once. Amanda saw no other way out except suicide. That is one reason why bulling in unhealthy and should be stopped.

There is a lot of playing around in my school; people call rude names in a joking manner and pretend to fight. That is okay, as long as other person knows that you are just joking around. Some people think that it is real and could take it offensively. This is why you need to think about what you are going to do or say to someone before we act. Bullying is wrong; it makes people cry and causes depression. We all need to do our part to help end bullying.

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