We Never Learn

October 14, 2012
You would think the ultimate wake up call for anyone would be losing someone. Yet , I hear of a fifteen year old girl committing suicide because off bullying and a haunted past , and still even in death the cruel and vicious words follow her name. Amanda Todd, escaped this world because of the hurtful and persistent abuse, I am ashamed to say that she was right. It never ends, people on the media saying that she deserved what she got, and that she took the "easy way out". In retrospect after my suicide attempt years ago, I do not see other victims as weak , it is simply a signal of how bad it must have been , to lead to a successful attempt. No one should be seen as weak because of their choices, those who tear others down should be seen as cowards to live a happy life and see others thrive. Bullying is not an initiation of childhood, and everyone including; adults, students , victims, and bullies need to start realizing it.

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