The New Bullying Landscape

September 25, 2012
By AveryL. BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
AveryL. BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I appreciate the amount of in-depth knowledge in Madelyn N's article, "The New Bullying Landscape", provides because people need to know about this trending form of bullying. AS stated in the article, "Over 40 percent of teenagers with internet access have reported being bullied online...", this cyber bullying is clearly a hazardous threat. Teens are severely affected since most rely on social networks for communication and those cyber bullying prevent them from doing so. However, Madelyn does indeed point out ways or tips on how to avoid being cyber bullied such as "...don't give out personal information, don't believe everything you see or read" of "...turn off computer or delete social networking account...". These are very great pieces of advice to anyone who faces the issue of being cyber bullied. Thank you, Madelyn for enriching teens with the proper techniques to avoid this heinous form of bullying.

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