knowing just what to say

August 5, 2012
It's funny how so many people think they know me, but I don't even know myself...! I've lived
long enough to know that I'm a special child (not in a cocky way) I've been through so much in my 17years then adult has, and my struggles aren't over either. But from what I'm learning about myself is that I'm strong, weak with my heart and outgoing all around person. I never mean to hurt people sometimes it just happens, well because I don't wanna get hurt. Life has taken its toll on me. I have been proven that giving my heart away was a stupid mistake and I would give everything to change all of that. People are so quick to judge a book by its cover, yeah I'm a 4'9 black girl with short hair and an eyebrow piercing with a tattoo, but on the inside I'm a 6'0 black girl with a big heart and pain in her vain and hate for herself and the world she growing up in. So this goes out the world some people aren't as strong as me you better watch what you say to others....

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